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#Fully Automated Software
#Hassle-Free Outbound TeleCalling on your Clicks
#Calling will be done through Ports
#Human Resources not Required
#Use any SIM CARD from any Country Code
#List all the Numbers and send a Pre-recorded  Voice Message to them
#Use On-Network Plans and Call People for a Minimal Rate
#The Call can be of any Duration
#Can Start Broadcasting to any Number of People through a Single_Click
#The Person can reply on the same number and The Call or SMS will be forwarded to the team.
#No Block – No Issues – Just You need is to have a Data for Non-DND Numbers

Make Voice Call from Local Sim Card.

Bulk Voice SMS’s Are Prerecorded Voice Messages To A Versatile Or Wired Phones Across The Globe. Bulk Voice SMS’s Are Robotized Calls Which Include Computerized Dialing Different Numbers Without A Moment’s Delay
Through PC & Playing A Predefined Message To Consequently Dialed Portable Or Landline Numbers. This Correspondence Procedure Of Bulk Voice SMS Has The Ability To Pervade Across The Globe.
A Phone Texting Arrangement, A Robotized Dialer For Dialing To A Large Number Of Individuals With Customized Messages. The Bulk Voice SMS’s Mechanism Dials The Numbers That You Send To Us And Plays Your Recorded Voice Message. No Individual Or Operators Are Required Converse With The Receiver Of The Robotized Call. The Collector Of Bulk Voice SMS Essentially Listens To The Recorded Voice Message.

Bulk Voice SMS Campaign Could Be Utilized For Taking After Purposes:

Political Crusade Advancement, Voter Enlistment, Vote Updates

Give Updates On Your Products & Services

Media Business

Merchants, Brokers And Bankers