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Have you ever heard about the bulk sms service for product promotion or business promotions, As the smart phone technologies taken over past few years the marketing and advertisement or information exchange also rapidly changed. Due to fast pace market expansion and heavy competitions in the market there is need of faster promotional campaign and targeted customer reach ad reaches. Bulk SMS Services are the perfect choice here, does it make sense? They are short messages; carry the core information within few characters plus super quick deliveries with targeted audience.

Bulk SMS marketing services are become more required than ever, you can send to mass number of people with simple click by sitting in-front of your desk or you can reach bulk SMS service provider with your requirements. Are you still confused with terms bulk sms service and bulk sms service providers? Here! read the below FAQ’s.

What is Bulk SMS and Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS or Bulk messages means sending messages to lot of people at one shot, usually this means a service provided by bulk sms service providers because a normal user cant send large number of messages at once and the infrastructure an individual has doesn’t support it. So, the bulk sms gateway providers use an established required infrastructure to help the customers, if customer needs such service then he need to find a best sms gateway provider.

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Bulk sms can target thousands and millions of recipients at once in case of promotional campaigns and advertisements. Even individual like celebrities, politicians can send customised personalised messages such as festival greetings, Independence Day greetings with ease by consulting bulk sms marketing service providers.

Who can use bulk sms services?

Bulk sms services are for everyone an individual to international organisation can also utilise these services. Even organisation like Small business centres, developers, educational institutes, NGO’s, Government departments, network providers, customer care people, e-commerce people and other individuals can use to send alerts, updates, order details, delivery details, special discounts etc.

Is bulk sms services are affordable?

Yes!! Our AStar group bulk sms services are very much affordable than anyone in the market just starts from 2000 INR for 10,000 SMS credit along with both promotional and transactional SMS. Using this basic service you can send bulk sms across all India without any problem. We have other bulk sms services at affordable cost with different plans.

What is promotional sms?

A promotional message/sms is information carried in the sms which is a advertisement or promotion or campaign which doesn’t involve much information than product or service related information. Usually these kind of sms are not get delivered to DND numbers as per the guidelines of telecom regulatory authority of india.

What is transactional sms?

A transactional message contains information related to finance details such as sms from banks, credit cards, insurance companies, financial institutions or organisational which involves in transactional and financial activities. These sms need to follow certain template provided by the service providers and these transactional sms can be delivered to DND numbers, sender ID will be given and can be delivered around 24*7 time.

How to buy bulk sms service from AStar Group

We always make sure our customers satisfied with our service, we are one of the best sms gateway providers in india. To buy bulk sms service from us just visit the our website or link check the packages, choose the package by clicking buy now button or even you can call us the number mentioned on our site to get more details and buy the services. We have very supportive team to help you at any step with any service you need.

Why to buy services from AStar Group?

In spite of the fact that there are various organizations offering Bulk SMS programmed software’s to  download, they give halfway outcomes and you can barely accomplish the coveted outcomes because of a few un-shown impairments. Our strategies are totally straightforward and our services are proficient to fulfil the fluctuated needs of clients. Our Bulk sms gateway makes dealing with the database simpler and guarantees enhanced profitability after the reconciliation of our bulk SMS gateway services into your corporate culture. Wherever in India your client is, our applications convey your messages to them. We brag of the greatest scope and are the best sms gateway provider organizations for SMS advertising.

We have confidence in moral practice and tail it accurately. With ours MS promoting services you can increase finish control of speediest interchanges at whatever point you want to contact your clients situated at Mumbai , Bangalore , Chennai , Punjab , Hyderabad , noida , gurgaon . Corporate organizations increase enormous advantages with our bulk SMS marketing services in India.

Promotional Bulk SMS Advantages:

• Schedule your SMS with date & time for future.
• Promotional SMS can be sent between 9 AM to 9 PM
• SMS Credit is 1 SMS, every 160 characters of SMS constitutes 1 SMS Credit.
• Promo on NON-DND Numbers, DND Numbers list can be extracted and will not be charged.
• Six Digit Sender Id (like: AM-RPGSMS) is optional & subject to availability by operator for free.
• Validity: lifetime, but you need to recharge any package with in 1 year.

Transactional SMS Features (DND Open Route):

• Send via API, Web, Android apps and Excel plugin user-friendly interface.
• Schedule your SMS with date & time for future.
• Transactional SMS can be sent any time.
• SMS Credit is 1 SMS, every 160 characters of SMS constitutes 1 SMS Credit.
• Messages get delivered to NON-DND & DND Numbers also.
• Instant Delivery for multiple operator routing & 99.99% up time.
• Send different messages to different mobile recipients at a time for time saving.
• View Delivery Report ,Direct report download in excel , also email.
• Unlimited Open Templates & Open Sender Id (Six Digit, like: AM-RPGSMS) for free.
• Validity: lifetime, but you need to recharge any package with in 1 year.
• 100% theft and data protection via 2 step OTP verification & email reporting.

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