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Usually, people think that trademark registration is the simplest task, though its looks simplest task but involves very crucial and important steps. Even a small mistake can cause a lot of damage to the registered brand and primarily the time won’t come back. In this fast pace world time is everything, time is money. So, taking an expert help and guidance becomes an advantage in this process. That’s when the trademark registration service provider comes into the picture. The Trademark registration service provider is basically an expert in the trademark registration process and skilled professionals, who guide you from beginning to the end of the brand/logo/trademark registration.

A Star Group is a reliable name, professionally oversaw, benefit arranged and learning based firm. Demonstrable skill, Result Orientation and Integrity are the essential esteems on which the company’s exercises are based. Our generous experience and broad information of the Corporate World and Government working frequently makes the arrangement simple and we are one of the top trademark registration service provider.

Trademark Registration Process and Fees in India

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Trademark is a unique expressive term, image or logo, which shows an iconic representation of brand products and services, the specific trademark of each brand separates’ it from other competitors in the market. When you have a registered trademark, then it helps you get into the public with ease, the looking at brand trademark people will easily identify the product ranges, services offered by the particular brand. Sometimes, it helps to get back into the market using the same trademark even after losing everything like Nokia did, the reason behind it was people identifies quickly an established brand and trademarks in the industry rather than new brands.

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AStar Group is a top-notch professional Trademark registration service provider in India, we handled hundreds of trademark registrations successfully and have very much experience in the industry. Our customers are treated new babies born, we guide them in everything from beginning to an end. Our trademark registration services are high quality and professional, we have a professional team of experts who handle every project of trademark registration with care and professional manner.

The trademark registration application process is done almost immediately. It should be possible inside a couple of hours of you giving us your Authorization Letter. The Government, after we make the application, takes 16 months to two years, to affirm the registration and give you the affirmed Registration Certificate for your trademark. You would then be able to utilize the ® image beside your name.

We always encourage getting Trademark registration or brand name enrollment in light of the fact that getting your organization enrolled won’t ensure your image against the individuals who may start utilizing indistinguishable or comparable marks. Before trade marking, make a point to check trademarks availability and it ought to be your first need on the off chance that you need to begin an organization. Trademark search is a critical step before going for trademark registration. You have to complete a close look for trademark name as it will help you to keep away from future issues.

Advantages of reaching trademark registration service provider


  • Gives complete guidance from beginning to end
  • Documents submission is processed carefully
  • Eligibility criteria verified
  • Trademark public search and availability can be done with ease
  • Chances of mistakes in application are less
  • Experts take care of everything
  • Risk levels are much less
  • Norms and laws are followed
  • Legal help will be provided in case of requirement

Trademark validity period in india

The trademark validity period in india is ten years, which might be restored for a further time of ten years on an installment of recommended recharging charges.Trademark validity period in india for Non-user of an enrolled trademark for a nonstop time of five years is a ground for the cancelation of enlistment of such trademark at the command of any distressed gathering.

All this time period the trademark gives you a unique identification for your brand, goods and services. A Star group is pioneered in helping hundreds of clients to get their trademark in hassle free process.Trademark Service Provider, Trademark Registration Service Provider, Trademark Registration Provider, Trademark Registration Service India, Trademark Public Search, Trademark registration online,

  • In the present heavy competition world marking is most vital thing. To check your foundation in advertise, everybody needs mark enrollment/logo enlistment/trademark enrollment.
  • Under current business condition an exchange check performs four capacities:
  • It recognizes the products/or administrations and its source.
  • It ensures its unaltered quaIt publicizes the merchandise/administrations.
  • It makes a picture for the products/administrations.

We at A Star Group trademark registration service provider help you in supporting and directing on the same as how to utilize and execute the same.

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