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Missed Call Marketing AppMissed call marketing rise from a unique problem that Indians faced – cheap handset but high talk rates.Missed call started as a way for talk to each other sometimes it was to rings for YES one ring mean No.Nowadays it became a way for brands connect their people easily. If we think about it , it’s a great idea for brands to know exactly what is going on with their market.
Now the question is How does a missed call marketing campaign work ?

Missed call marketing campaigns are one of the best ways to get customers updates.Basically if in business you need to generate inquiries and you need to increase it then you can use this Android App and it can be very useful. We do offer this app as Multiple User License which can be Installed in various Mobile Phones.

How does missed call service work and What is all About it:

  • Install the Missed Call Marketing App on Android Phone.
  • All the Missed Calls on the phone are read by The App.
  • All the Call can be Then Transferred to a Database.
  • You can access the Database online.
  • The Caller will receive a message too.
  • This message can be pre-defined on the panel and the messages can be sent using api’s.

This App can be used in Banking services, Political Parties, Ngo’s and Helplines, Web Designing Companies and Educational Institutions like

1.To Know about our Interest Rates Please place a Miss Call on 123456789
2.To get assistance Kindly call 123456789
3.If you are Interested in any of Our Services then Give a Missed Call on 123456789
4.if you need to get Admissions with us give us a Missed cal on 123456789

Missed call Service app is useful for Business and Corporate Executive Level Personnel . Business or an Organization we are always keen to find more ways to Connect to our Clients and Customers in More Efficient Way. We at A STAR GROUP are always ready to provide more products and services as Best Missed Call App that can be useful to both Clients and Company. The Same Idea has been Implemented by  A Lot of Users to make their Business more fruitful and develop a brand new rapid response system.

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