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This is a simple yet so powerful application for scraping the web and extract data from justdial. The interface is optimized and easy to use; there is good number of customization features to extract only required data from certain repository. Justdial number grabber software offers you personalization of different of data sets that being extracted or to be extracted. This extractor can fetch data from large number of files of different formats of different formats, tags, columns and choice is yours to select. For users who do the web scraping frequently this is an excellent application which saves thousands of hour’s time.

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When compared to other application justdial application simplifies the number of steps involved in data extraction process and gives you plenty of relaxation time. Using justdial data extractor tool you can crawl, scan, deep scan, fetch and other major procedures involved in data extraction from web directories. For newbie’s and non-geek users it offers single click data extraction process, all you need to check the required options and just bang on “start extraction process” or “ start”. JustDial eliminates the need of spending lot of time in surfing the web directory to collect the data.

You can name, rename, modify the columns of data after the extraction; the data files can be saved onto hard disk or disk spaces under different volumes. The user can create multiple sets of same data with different data views, which means the same data, can be represented or viewed in multiple aspects.

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